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Mitsuhiro Taya

July 11,1967 born in Tanabe, Wakayama, Japan
Artist, illustrator, writer of children’s books.  From 2015, after 24 years experiences of company employees (international sales, marketing and advertising), he started as a freelance artist. Awarded as Grand prix of Nika Exhibition (awarded 5 times & selected 1 times). He experienced several exhibitions of his various outstanding artwork and illustration of children’s books, culture magazine and fashion illustration. Not only his drawing, shows his talent in various fields such as children’s books story.

Board of directors of Japan Publication Artist League (JPAL)  General Incorporated Association
Member of NIKAKAI Designers General Incorporated Association

2015 Nika Exhibition Design Category multi-graphics Award (3rd. prize)
    Selected as a member of NIKAKAI
2014 Nika Exhibition Design category multi-graphics Grand prix (1st. prize)
2013 Nika Exhibition Design category multi graphic specialties Award (2nd. prize)
2012 Nika Exhibition Winner of illustration category
2011 Nika Exhibition Design Category multi graphic specialties Award (2nd. prize)
2010 Nika Exhibition Design Category multi-graphics Award (3rd. prize)
* Nika Exhibition is one of the most famous & huge Art exhibition in Japan.

November 23- 29   GRANDSON of a Bookseller4  at Ginza "YW Gallery"
November 18- 24   GRANDSON of a Bookseller4  at Ginza "YW Gallery"
October 1 - 7    GRANDSON of a Bookseller3  at Ginza "YW Gallery"
December 3 - 9   GRANDSON of a Bookseller 2 at Ginza "YW Gallery"
July 11 - 15      SPYCY Mitsuhiro Taya Exhibition in Nakameguro (Nakameguro   SPACE M)
November 21 - 27  GRANDSON of a Bookseller  at Ginza "YW Gallery"
July 12th - 16th    JPAL Kinokuniya in New York at New York "Kinokuniya bookstore
May 27 - June 16   JPAL Kinokuniya Exhibition at Shinjuku "Kinokuniya bookstore"
October 6 – 11     PLAY BACK 
at Yotsuya "Gallery Eijiu".
February 2 - 8      THE MAGICIAN at Kiyosumishirakawa "Gallery Kopis"
2012 November 18 - 24   TRIP at Kiyosumishirakawa "Gallery Kopis"
2011 November 17 - 27    11 PM  at Ojima "ROCKETIIDA"
2011 October 9 – 15     Life is a drama and not a program at Kiyosumishirakawa "Gallery Kopis"

GODO-SHUPPAN PUBLISHING CO., LTD. Children's book Yuko's loupe ISBN 9784772614405
CHOBUNSHACO., LTD.  Children's book School riddle that can be used on school broadcasts 1-6 ISBN: 9784811312149
CHOBUNSHACO., LTD.  Children's book Palindrome Master ISBN 9784811324272
SUZUKI PUBLISHING CO., LTD Children's book Night Kids
DOSHINSHA PUBLISHING CO., LTD.  Kamishibai Kujira Yama (Whale Mountain)ISBN: 9784494091270
EVERSENSE, Inc. Children's book Heeko Neechan (Heeko is world champion of Fart) 
BUNGEISHA Kotori Yamamba (Mountain witch - The kidnapper) ISBN-10: 4286164292  ISBN-13: 978-4286164298
RADIO OSAKA Poster of the 40th charity fund-raising program for partially‐sighted
OTOBANK Inc. “Recitation Girl” " Recitation Butler" 
HAPPY EYE, Inc.   Fashion brand "encolorage" Shirt design, Logo design
Cross Power Co,ltd. Companies character design.
Weekly Bunshun, Jiji Press illustrations, NHK Publishing
And many others...